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Built-in Website Designs

 Customised Template Keep your current design New Custom Design

We'll customise a template for you. 
Just £250

Choose the template you want to select as a layout for your website homepage when logged into Global Office and then fill in the linked form. We will then set up the design for you based on the information you provide including colours, fonts choices and images.

Alternatively use the Design Builder to update your website yourself at no charge. 


Church Edit 001
 Template 1
Church Edit 002
Template 2
Church Edit 003
Template 3
Church Edit 004
Template 4
Church Edit 005
Template 5
Church Edit 006
Template 6
Church Edit 007
 Template 7
Church Edit 008
Template 8
Church Edit 009
Template 9
Church Edit 010
Template 10
Church Edit 011
Template 11
Church Edit 012
Template 12
Church Edit 013
 Template 13
Church Edit 014
Template 14
Church Edit 015
Template 15
Church Edit 016
Template 16
Church Edit 017
Template 17
Church Edit 018
Template 18
Church Edit 019
Template 19
Church Edit 020
Template 20
Church Edit 021
Template 21
Church Edit 022
Template 22
Church Edit 023
Template 23


Keep your current design

£60+VAT per hour

We'll transfer your current design and style to the Design Builder. We will provide an estimated amount of time, and estimated cost for this (on average 4hrs).

We will rebuild the existing design using the design builder for you and apply it to your existing website. As the design builder is a fresh new tool, there maybe minor changes we need to make to your design. This will ensure you can easily edit the design in the future.

Custom Design


With this option we can create a completely unique and professional new design, based on your brief. This includes the overall website look, and homepage layout. See some examples here.

 Customised Template Keep your current design New Custom Design



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