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We wanted to provide an important update regarding email services on Church Edit.  When our first website went live in 2003 we provided basic email services as well as websites to churches.   In 2009 when we moved to a new hosting solution, we continued to provide basic email hosted on our own servers.  However, over the years we have had a few major problems with email often caused by a user's computer having a virus and attempting to send out 100,000s of emails through our servers. These issues took an immense time to resolve taking time away from further developing our Church Edit product. As a result we stopped providing new clients with hosted email from about 2014 and only provided forwarding emails. 

The last few years there have been a few companies who have provided advanced email solutions far better than we can provide with high deliverability ensuring that emails sent through these servers do get through.  They also tend to have a lot more functionality than we provided on our basic email services such as iMap, out of office, large mailbox storage. Email is a core product to them so they have teams devoted just to managing email and providing those services, with the main provider being Google.

As a result of this we have taken the decision to no longer provide any email services to our clients from 22nd May 2020 but instead recommend churches who currently still use Edit for mailboxes/forwarding email, move to one of the providers listed at the bottom of this page. By no longer hosting email it means that we can continue to spend our time developing and supporting Church Edit as our core product rather than the time it takes investigating individual email issues. This date also coincides with the start of our planned migration to our new server solutions which will allow us to release exciting updates to Church Edit much quicker than we have done before.

We understand that moving email like this may be frustrating, but we can help you with this and are sure that once you have migrated, you will appreciate the new functionality that you receive.  Should you require any assistance then you can contact our helpdesk on

Recommended Email Providers:

Tutorial on setting up Google Email (free for charities and our recommendation)
Tutorial on setting up Zoho Email


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