The Catalogue Feature is Being Replaced

New Extensible Database (XDB)

The Catalogue feature was developed in 2003 and whilst it has been used in different ways, its primary use was for churches to showcase their books library or to track sermon audio cassettes (remember them!).

We’ve not made any updates to the Catalogue feature over the last 15 years and with the launch of the new Extensible Database (XDB) it is now right to retire the Catalogue feature from our software.  

The XDB was launched in November and provides a lot more functionality than the Catalogue feature.  Whereas the Catalogue only had text fields, the XDB allows multiple of fields to be added.  The XDB is perfect use for when a church has a large number of records they want displaying on their website. 


For more information on the XDB please see our guide on:


On March 25th we're running a Church Edit Advanced webinar where you'll be able to see the XDB in action! Register for the webinar here:

If your church is using the Catalogue feature then it is important that any items in the Catalogue are transferred to the XDB by 15th May 2021 when the Catalogue will be disabled.  

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