Summer Reading with the Church Edit Team

Summer Reading with the Church Edit Team

Chris - Church Liasion

The Last Arrow - Erwin Mcmanus

McManus discusses his life and the challenges he’s faced in Faith and Health and how the two intertwine. A gritty, and real read that is both challenging and refreshing. This one is a great read for leaders



Heidi - Church Liasion

Love Does - Bob Goff

A lovely encouraging read for the summer. Bob Goff lives an exciting life and has many wonderful anecdotes to share. He ties these in with life lessons, all centering on the theme of Love as an action. It’s a fun book that will leave you feeling inspired. Easy for anyone to read on holiday or at home.



Andy - Development team manager

Don quixote - Cervantes

Some describe it as the greatest novel ever written, it's hilarious and fun, very easy to read and centuries ahead of its time as Cervantes plays with genre, satire, meta-comedy and just plain slap-stick humor, mixed with romance, farce and adventure that people of all ages can enjoy.



Sarah - Church Liasion Manager

Stay The Path - Bobbie Houston

As a woman in leadership this was an inspirational read and a deeply encouraging reminder of whether we’re new to leadership or a seasoned leader; the call of God, hand of God and voice of God is with us and guiding us in every detail of our lives. With Bobby’s transparent writing with real stories of her journey, I could quickly relate and see my own story within it. Stay the Path is the perfect summer read if you’re feeling a little tired on the road of leadership. 




Pete R - Support

God's Undertaker - John C. Lennox

If you’re interested in science, and the supposed conflict between science and religion, this is for you.  Lennox looks at how science points to God, rather than away.



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