September 2020 Updates

These are the latest updates that have been applied to Church Edit websites during September 2020

Civic UK Cookie Control 

We've added integration to the Civic UK Cookie Control tool giving users an option to allow/deny cookies being left from the website.  There is a free and a paid version from Civic UK of their Cookie Control which can be added to Church Edit within 15 minutes. 

If your site drops cookies then you may want to consider this. Whilst Church Edit does not drop any cookies, if you embed Facebook, MailChimp or use Google Analytics then all these are likely to leave a cookie on the browsers machine.

Sign up to Civic UK Cookie Notice.

Once you have signed up to Civic UK (Paid or Free version), login to Global Office and go to Settings > Options and go to the Cookie Notice section and select Use Civic UK Cookie Notice.

Select the Version you signed up to (Community or Pro)

Enter the API Key you received as part of the Civic UK Cookie Notice sign up.

Customise the options

Cookie Notice in Global Office

See below the Civic UK Cookie Notice on the Diocese of Birmingham website:

Diocese of Birmingham website

Church Edit does not drop any cookies (except in Global Office as a functional requirement for editors updating the website). If you have Google Analytics or any embedded widgets (MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter etc) then these are likely to drop cookies. 

File Browser

We've updated the file browser in Global Office so it is now easy to manage your files and see which documents are not linked from any other your webpages.  

File filter

Pagination and Search for busy folders

In Church Edit the folders make up the menu structure of your site with each folder containing at least 1 web page. Some of our busier sites that use blogs or have an active news section tend to have many webpages within 1 folder.  We've now added an update to allow for pagination and the filtering out of pages within those busy sites.

Multiple page search in Church Edit

Please note that the above view will only show in Global Office if the folder you are viewing has multiple pages listed in the one folder. 

Increased File Size

Following the migration of most of the websites over to our new hosting platform, the maximum file upload size has been increased to 50MB.

HTTPS Certificates - now free for everyone

We've added https certificates to all our sites so every church can have an https certificate at no additional charge.

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