Raising funds online: How to…

Raising funds online: How to...

We all recognise the need for effective and efficient fundraising in a church setting. Whether it's a short term mission trip or a new building project that you are raising funds for, there are always ways that we can improve the way we operate and increase the effectiveness of our outreach. In this article, we’ll be looking at a few tips on how you can boost your fundraising using online tools that are available to you.

There are many ways that you can increase the yields on your fundraisers. One of the key areas revolves around the accessibility of the campaign. Are you making it easy for someone to donate to your cause? Just as an example, the Blue Cross have recently begun deploying their signature ‘Pat and Tap’ dogs. This enables a donor to make a standard £2 donation using their contactless Debit or Credit card. With each dog being accompanied by a Volunteer of the Organisation, they’re able to have a high rate of small donations. With very little effort, they can potentially raise a large amount of money for their cause.

According to research conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Institute of Fundraising, Ease of giving and accessibility was the sixth highest rated way to increased giving.

You may not be able to afford technology such as mobile contactless card machines, or they may not be all that appropriate for your church. But there are certainly ways that you can make your campaign more accessible. Why not consider using online Crowdfunding services such as ‘Just Giving’? These projects specialise in raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. Typically conducted over the internet, these campaigns have the benefit of ease of access, shareability and allow for a sense of community amongst donor to be created. Each Donor can share how they’ve been impacted by the cause, or share encouragement and comments with other donors through the Crowdfunding page.

Just recently, Social Media giant, Facebook, has committed significant resource to helping Charities and Not for Profit organisations setup fundraisers on their online platform. Using one of two tools, ‘Fundraisers’ and ‘Donate Buttons’, you’re able to start capitalising on the 1 Billion+ daily users of Facebook and harness the power of social networking.     

You can also use church specific donation tools such as iKnow Church that also make it easy to claim Gift Aid on your donations.


According to data recorded in the previously mentioned YouGov study, another significant trick to increase your Fundraising is in the Ask. 30% of all adults in the study reported that if they hadn’t been asked, they wouldn’t have donated at all! Having a clear need and a clear call to response can be the defining difference between a good fundraiser and a great one. Here’s a few tips and tricks to consider when you’re creating your campaign.

  • An ask that is Timely, specific and compelling: Are you able to tie your fundraiser into a particular season or event? Harnessing organic interest can massively increase your donor-base. Even if it is just for this campaign. For example, in the winter, you’ll find more campaigns to help the homeless and rough sleepers.  

  • Make your ask Visual: It’s an age old adage that ‘A picture tells a thousand words’. Not only do they convey emotion more effectively than words, but images can do one of the most important functions in online technology. They can ‘Stop the Scroll’. If you can use images that stand out and grab attention, it stops the reader from simply scrolling past. If you can stop the scroll, even for just a few moments, you’ve got a far higher chance of gaining a donation.

  • An Easy way to share: YouGov’s study revealed that 22% of people asked reported talking to their friends and family about the charitable cause which they had just donated to. 22% also recommended the charity to others and again, a further 22% connected with the Charity on a social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Using an online platform such as Just Giving or Facebook for your fundraising allows you to maximise on this.

One important thing to note when it comes to using Social Media for your fundraising. If you’ve not previously engaged with Social Media, or you’re a relatively new presence online, it might be worth spending some time investing in building your presence before launching a Fundraiser, trust in the organisation is vitally important to someone who is giving their hard earned cash. If you’re new to social media, perhaps consider a marketing campaign first, sharing content and developing your online presence to explain who you are, what you’re working for and what your aims are. Fundamentally, relationship between donors and organisations is crucial. What are you doing to grow that relationship?

We’re just scratching the surface on Fundraising here, we’d love to hear any of your stories. Why not share them on our Facebook?  



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