Our sister product iKnow Church is The Church of England Recommended Product

Our sister product iKnow Church has been developed since 2010 to help churches with their admin and pastoral care. Over the last few years as the software has grown and the company has rapidly expanded it has meant a real investment in the new features being developed for iKnow Church. This has been noticed by The Church of England and we are thrilled to announce that iKnow Church is The Church of England Recommend Product for Church Admin.

As the UK’s Largest Christian Software Company we work with churches of all sizes across the UK and around the world through Church Edit and our iKnow Church software. Backed up by providing unlimited support to all our churches through email and telephone, our customers can benefit from instant help with any queries.

iKnow Church has been working closely with The Church of England since Summer 2018 when we were awarded the project to develop the new Life Events Diary provided to help churches with the admin of the Life Events Services and Pastoral Care follow ups. The module was released in March 2019 and is available to all churches in The Church of England with the module being funded centrally by The Church of England.   Should churches want to upgrade to the full version of iKnow Church then they are able to do this within the Life Events Diary. 

Dr Sandra Millar, Head of Life Events at The Church of England says: “It’s great to be in an official partnership with iKnow Church to provide the on-line Life Events Diary which will help Church of England parishes provide excellent administration and build on-going relationship with those we meet through baptisms, wedding and funerals.  We chose iKnow because of their integrity, experience and excellence in providing administrative solutions tailored to churches.” 

Kyle Cottington, Managing Director of iKnow Church says “We’ve enjoyed working closely with the Church of England this past year to help their churches with Life Events administration.  With a Life Event being one of the few times a year that many people might visit a CofE Church, it has been great to utilise the iKnow Church tools to help Vicars with their pastoral care and follow ups.   To receive the Recommend Product status from The Church of England shows the strength of our team and the quality of the iKnow Church software. We look forward to continuing in partnering with The Church of England.

Church of England Churches can visit the Life Events Diary and iKnow Church to find out more about this important tool. 

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