Steve Hill Ministries selects Church Edit

Church Edit is very pleased to launch the new Discover Jesus with Steve Hill website created in partnership with Steve Hill Ministries.

Steve Hill planted many churches and was the evangelist that God used in the Brownsville Revival in Florida. From 1995 - 2000 Steve led nightly meetings where he preached a passionate message of repentance to over 4 million people. 

Following Steve’s home calling in March 2014, Steve Hill Ministries based in Dallas,  wanted to create a website for people to watch Steve’s messages so that people could continue to be impacted by his preaching and teaching. Church Edit was thrilled to be chosen to develop the website. 

The website currently has over 30 videos produced professionally for TV available to people around the world. 

The website also uses the new video feature that was developed by Church Edit allowing a searchable library of YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Kyle Cottington, Managing Director of Church Edit says "there are few people who have preached so passionately and affected so many people the way Steve did. We are immensely pleased to have been asked to develop this new site to that more people can hear the message of Jesus through Steve’s preaching"

To view the site visit 

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