SSL Certificates for Churches

With the recent update to Google Chrome and a lot of the other browsers, there are increased warnings to website users that access websites over unencrypted connections.  Many browsers have started displaying messages for websites that do not have an SSL Certificate about it not being secure. This is part of the aim by Google and many of the web browsers to transform the Internet so that every web page is connected securely. When a site has an SSL Certificate it means that all connections between your computer and the website are encrypted, ensuring that no one else can see that information.

This means that people can submit contact forms securely without their details being seen by anyone else. 

Once an SSL Certificate has been installed on your church website, visitors to your site will view your website over an encrypted connection using https. Depending on the browser that your website visitor uses, they may also see a 'Secure' message next to the web address as shown in the image above.  

If you use Church Edit then you can order an SSL Certificate once you login to Global Office. 


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