October and November 2019 Updates

These are the latest updates applied to Church Edit during October and November 2019

Image Resizer

We have often heard how people have struggled to resize thumbnail images when they don't have any graphic software, so we created an Image Resizer that can be used to resize the photos used in thumbnails.  If you upload a photo you will be able to resize and crop it so that all your thumbnails are a consistent size.  The Image Resizer loads automatically when you add or edit a page and click on the Options tab for that page.  To change the default size for your images go to Settings > Advanced Design > Image Sizes. 


We've updated the built in search engine so it now shows the searches that people have made on your website.   You can also choose which page to prioritise in the search by making a page 'Top Result' for certain keywords. These updates are both available in Settings > Search. 


If you have a section of your website with lots of pages then it is now easy for them to be separated into categories within the one folder using Tags. Tags can be created in Settings and then each web page you add can be given one or more tags.  The tags for that section will then be shown in the menu allowing people to filter the pages. This is ideal if you have a folder with many pages.

To see this in action visit the Diocese of Leicester website.

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