October 2022 Updates

These are the latest updates released over October 2022. 

Publishing of Articles now allows you to select the time as well as the date - ie article goes live at 4pm on 14th November 2022. If no time is selected then it will default to midnight. 

See a list of pages that have been updated - super users will now see a Recent Updates button from the web page home screen.


When adding / editing Tags you will now be able to see hidden folders whereas previously it just showed folders that were live on the website.

Tags are shown when adding/editing a page. Next to the tag selector there is now a Show Tags link which when clicked will show all available tags. 


New locations have been added to the Redirects:

  • Redirect to the homepage of an XDB
  • Redirect to a record in the XDB


Fields can be set so they are not viewable on the website. This is useful if you want an internal reference number only shown in Global Office.

Make changes to a multi-choice field. It is now possible to amend values from a Multi Choice field once it has been created. Just edit the field within the XDB Settings.

Customise link text - if using the link field then you can add custom text to appear as the link (ie rather than you can have it displaying 'XYZ Website')

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