New Lower Price

Church Edit is today pleased to announce that the price for our basic package has been reduced. For those churches that require just 1 person updating the website or maybe are looking to start their first website, then Church Edit is available for just £175 pa.

We are timing this reduction to coincide with including VAT in our publicised prices. Up till now we’ve always listed our prices with separate VAT but as few churches have VAT exemption, it makes sense that we should include VAT in the listed price. (We would love to not have to charge the VAT, but there is something in the bible about giving to Ceaser what is his, and giving to God what is Gods).

The lowest price is available to all existing clients (that have moved to direct debit) and all new clients with effect from today.

The previous price was £178.80pa (£149+vat) and is now £175pa (including VAT) saving £3.80per year.  


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