Four printed resources you could use at your church!

Four printed resources you could use at your church!


We advocate keeping as much of your communication online as possible. Of course, this doesn’t mean that print media is not useful in church communications. Guests and churchgoers still like to hold something tangible in their hands as a reminder of a message you are trying to communicate with them. Here are some ideas for key printed resources you should have on hand!


1. Connect Card

We’ve spoken about it before, but a connect card is so important! If you have people visiting your church, its so important that you make it easy for them to connect if you want them to come back. People love a personal touch, however you need their name and contact information to follow up with them. We have a template here, We’d love to see your examples too.


2. Invitations

Create simple printed invites so that your congregation can easily invite friends, family and colleagues. As well as encouraging your congregation to invite people they know, you can make it very easy for them by providing them with lovely resources to share. With Easter coming up, why don’t you give this a try! Create a printed invitation to your Good Friday event and Easter Sunday celebration!



Consistency is key!

If you have a message in your printed resources, for instance, a date and time for an event, make sure it is consistent across all of your communication channels. Consider all of the places that someone might check for a message and be sure to post the same information there. Some suggestions are your church website, your social media accounts and your church newsletter. 


3. Welcome gift 

Could you create a small welcome package to introduce newcomers to your church? It might be useful to read information about the church, the team and regular events. This gives context to a visitor about all of the things you would talk about from the front at church. Help them feel included by getting them up to speed on life in your church when they first visit. We suggest a brochure format for this, perhaps with some sweets or pens in a bag.

4. Prayer Card

Do you have a prayer ministry at your church? Help regular congregation members, as well as newcomers engage with your prayer team by having simple prayer cards around the church.

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