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February 2024 Updates

These are the updates released over February 2024.

Calendar Updates

Following the release of the Graphical Calendar last month there have been minor improvements and bug fixes:

  • When filtering events and no matching results are found, the message has been changed from "No events found" to "No matching events found for month year
  • Changing the colour of bullets for the calendar can now be done in the Theme Builder
  • Mobile view of the calendar should now represent the styles chosen in Theme Builder. 
  • Requires at least 3 characters when filtering the calendar
  • Heading for the top of the Calendar page is optional (this can be customised in Calendar > Options)

Minor Updates

Resolved an issue when listing pages within a folder, where the publish date appeared on the same line as the title. It now appears below the title. 

Fixed an issue in Preview when viewing mobile so that containers are always 100%

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