Creating space for people to connect with your church online

Creating space for people to connect with your church.

It’s important to provide visitors to your website and social media channels as many opportunities as possible to engage with and interact with your church. When you provide an opportunity to interact with your site, a visit can be transformed from a one-sided experience, to a conversation.

There may be people in your community who need help but don’t know how to ask. A church is often very well placed to provide that assistance, but it needs to be accessible. We have seen so many wonderful examples of churches being a local hub, providing assistance and support to community members during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

Do you have space for people to get in touch with your church? Or ask for help?

Web-forms that are signposted at multiple places on your website, on your social media channels and during your online services are a great way to provide a place for visitors to get in touch or ask for help.

Ideas for feedback forms

  • Forms to submit prayer requests

  • A place to request assistance such as food and medicine deliveries, or a friendly phone call.

  • Requests for a call to ask questions about faith and church.

  • A form to request a chat about joining a Life Group / Small Group / Cell Group.


Tips for your Church’s Call To Action

  • Use direct language.
    You want to be as clear and concise as possible. Too many words will dilute your message. When you are asking someone to get in touch. You should communicate that within the first few words of your sentence. 

  • Use imagery

Imagery makes your call to action much more engaging, particularly when you're posting on social media. You can also use imagery to make your post uniform with other things your church is posting. This keeps it recognisable.


Here are two examples we have created:


We always recommend Canva as a free resource to create lovely imagery such as above for your church. Here is a link to get started.


How to create a web form 

Church Edit

You can set up simple forms within Church Edit that will be sent to your team by email. Learn more about those here.


iKnow Church

If you have iKnow Church, you can set up forms which will feed straight into iKnow. These can be embedded into your web-page and can include many different types of questions. Learn more about how to set those up here. You can set up processes so that the correct people in your team are reminded to get in touch when a form is filled out.

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