Church Edit Updates - March 2014

These are the latest updates for Church Edit.


It is now easy to replace a document that you have added to a webpage. In the Asset Manager next to the document name there is now a green replace button.  It is also possible to replace images in the same way.

Facebook Integration - it is now possible to turn on Facebook Like for each public page of your website. This will allow visitors to like various pages on your site.  To turn this on go to SETTINGS > SITE OPTIONS and select USE SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS.


For sites that allow visitors to submit events to the calendar, there is now the option for form verification to prevent spam entries. This will show if form verification is turned on in SETTINGS > SITE OPTIONS.

In the printer friendly version it is now possible to print the detailed information alongside the event name and date.  

Non-Alpha Numeric characters can now be added to the event title. 

When uploading audio to the site you will now see a progress bar to give an indication of how long it will take to upload.

Categories for audio can now be ordered alphabetically or by the date they were added.

The size of audio files allowed has been increased from 16MB to 25MB per file. 

The release date that is displayed in the XML PodCast feed can be changed to the date/time the file was added to the site rather than the date entered when adding the file. By default, this will remain as the date/time the file was added but if you want to change this go to AUDIO > AUDIO OPTIONS.

The instructions at the top of the Audio page can now be customised. Previously the instructions were not editable. To change the instructions go to AUDIO > AUDIO HOMEPAGE.

For Pro sites members can now delete their own photos within their profile area.


New Facebook Widget - display the latest posts from your Facebook page directly on the homepage of your website.

Rotator Widget - it is now possible to re-order the graphics for the homepage rotator.

Customising the homepage - we have removed this functionality

A progess bar will now show when uploading photos along with a preview of the photo that is being uploaded. 


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