All New Global Office

Our all new Global Office is coming soon!

In 2002 our MD, Kyle, wrote the first line of code for Church Edit to create a website to help his local Church. It soon became clear that there was a great need for simple, easy to use websites for Churches all across the country. This one Church and one website has grown significantly since 2002 and today, Church Edit is the largest Christian Software company in the UK. We’re proud to work with Churches nationwide offering great service for websites.

For those of us who have seen behind the veil of a Church Edit website, you’ll know of the editing facilities called Global Office. This was the initial tool which Kyle created to help facilitate the management of his website. As time has gone by, it’s had updates to give it the abilities it’s needed. However, Global Office has remained largely unchanged for almost 18 years. But we have great news for you. 


We’re really pleased to announce a fantastic change is on it's way! We’ve been working on a massive facelift for Global Office, making it look much cleaner, fresher and more modern. We're sure you'll find it even easier to use.

Along with the all new look for Global Office, we’re remaking all of our help and support guides to make sure you’re receiving the very best help possible. You’ll be able to access a dedicated support website where you’ll find articles and video tutorials for almost every area of Global Office!

If you’re brand new to Church Edit, you’ll receive the all new Global office straight away. However, if you’ve been using and loving your Church Edit website for a while now, we’re staggering the release of this over the next few months so you can expect to see it for yourself soon!

Here's a couple more images of what you can expect...




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