5 Resources to help set up your Church Website

5 Resources to help set up your Church Website

1. Unsplash for stock images

People are more likely to remember something if it has a relevant image attached to it. It’s always the BEST to use photos that are yours, rather than stock images, however, if there is a page on your site that needs a photo and you don’t have one that’s relevant, we would recommend unsplash. For high quality, free images use unsplash

2. Canva for photo editing

When you’re trying to create events, or online notices for what is happening at your church, it’s great to have If you have images that need resizing, or you are needing to create images with text on them for an event or any sort of church advertisement, we would recommend Canva. Canva has a number of free features that you can use to create great designs. Check it out here.

2. Google analytics for website data.

If you’re wanting to find information about the way that people are interacting with your site, Google Analytics is the one! You can get helpful information like, when are people visiting, how many people, and who? You can also find out what pages people visit. This might help you guage what information people are seeking from your site, and what to highlight in future.

3. Tailor Brands - Logo Generator

If you don’t yet have a logo for your church, this is a great site to help you develop one. If you want to generate a logo, there is a small cost, but it is very reasonable. Having a logo is great for consistency across all content. We have written before about why church ‘branding’ is important. You can read that here.

4. G-Suite for custom Email addresses

If you would like email addresses which reflect your church URL and name, you can use GSuite to do that. Having an address with your church name rather than or looks clean and is easy to use for guests or people trying to get in touch.

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