May 2023 Updates

These are the latest updates applied to Church Edit sites during May 2023.  Note that these updates will only apply to sites that have upgraded to Design Builder unless they are marked Legacy and Design Builder.

Main Website Updates

Breadcrumbs  - Homepage > has been changed to Home > 

Forms - it is much clearer to users which fields are compulsory 

Full Pages - folders setup to show all pages straight away now have the Heading1 tag applied to the titles

Calendar - removed a bug which caused the style for events in the widget to be slightly different if the event have a web link in it

Search - videos added to the Church Edit video library are now shown in the search result alongside an updated interface for search results. See an example of the search results with videos on the Diocese of Worcester website.

Photo Albums on Mobile - the sidebar was still showing on mobile views of the photo feature. This has now been removed so it the same as the rest of the website.

Daily Message - update to ensure that the RSS adjusts the charset so that text is displayed correctly if pasted from a different source.

Global Office

Tags - in Global Office > Settings > Tags, tags are now ordered alphabetically. Legacy and Design Builder

Tags - fixed a bug which caused some tags to be removed if a site has multiple Extensible Databases (XDBs) and multiple Tags Legacy and Design Builder

Recent Updates - this page has been updated to give you more customisation over what you see including the length of time you want to see updates for

XDB - email validation for email fields in the XDB has been updated to allow for the non-standard domain extensions (ie .church) 

Web Editor 

Further rules have been added to the Editor to allow more customisation of iFrames and Span tags when adding directly to the source view. Legacy and Design Builder

Design Builder

There is now an option to add a Maximum Width for individual containers.  This can be accessed by clicking on the Container and turning the toggle on for this feature. Without this setting, the default is for the container to be full screen.

Rotator - the Rotator Title character limit has been increased to 100 and the Rotator Caption limit has been increased to 400

Rotator - the navigation dots and arrows can be turned off


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