January 2021 Updates

These are the latest updates that have been released to all Church Edit clients.


We've added autoresponder functionality, so that users who fill in a form can get a confirmation email.  To set this up, edit a form and turn on the autoresponder, personalising the email that is sent. You will also need to select which of the fields is the recipients email address.

Can't find it exampleWebsite Search

If you have the search engine enabled on your website then you can turn on the new 'I can't find it' tool in Settings > Search. With this enabled, a button will appear on the search page so that users can let you know if they can't find a particular page. Any information entered will be shown in Settings > Search. 

Global Office Search

Within Global Office there is now the facility for the main user to search for content. The new search tool on the dashboard makes it easier to quickly find the page, file or event that you want to edit.

Minor Updates

Selecting a date in the calendar now uses our latest date selector. Calendar Selector

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