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Church communication and encouragement during the coronavirus

While you can usually assume that your message will reach people during any church announcements on a Sunday, there is no longer that Guarantee.

It’s important to ensure that you are communicating through different channels to ensure everyone hears what you are saying.


  1. Multi Platform

Update your messages across all platforms. For instance, if you are planning an online prayer meeting, and you announced it over social media, only the social media users at your church will read it. Could you accompany that message with an email, a phone call, a post on your website? Consider the different members at your church, and how to best reach each of them and help them feel included.


  1. Keep  your website up to date, always!

Many people will be able to access your website. Make sure your communications across all platforms link through to helpful, informative landing pages on your website. If emails and social media posts all link back to the same place, you can be sure everyone is getting the same message. 


  1. Keep your message simple and clear

Don’t over complicate messages. At the moment, people are receiving a lot of information about all sorts of things from the same communication channels. Work, School, Community events and communication with family and friends are all happening online, in the same place. If you want your message to stand out and be remembered, keep it as simple as possible.


  1. Consistency is key

Keep the message look, feel and wording consistent everywhere. Consistency and repetition makes a message easy for your congregation to remember. If you are trying to encourage your community to take part in an initiative, or inform them of any changes, it is important that your message is consistent everywhere.


  1. Encourage online!

Don’t be afraid to share encouragement openly online at this time, rather than saving it for community zoom calls or services. People are looking for a message of hope: The positive news at the moment is that many people are engaging with faith online. People who do not usually go to church are seeking online services or prayer (source https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/03/british-public-turn-to-prayer-as-one-in-four-tune-in-to-religious-services) As a church, you can use this information to inform your approach to communication online. You have such an important message and ensuring it is clearly communicated and easy to understand and find is such an important task for this time.


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