Over 1.2 trillion searches are conducted on Google each year, it has become the most common method, worldwide, for people to find information. By putting your church onto Google, you are making it easy for people to find you, and helping them to connect with you and with the gospel.

Google My Business is a great tool to use, it allows people to have access to vital information such service times and contact information, giving them a quick overview of your vision and purpose and an easy way to connect with you directly from within their Google Search query, as you can see in the example below.

When someone types in the name of your church, and you are registered with Google My Business then the details of your church will show up right at the top, next to the search column. This not only gives the church great exposure on one of the world's leading search platforms but it provides those looking for your church access to important details of your church, such as your service times, contact information and a direct link to a map to show where you meet.

In today's internet driven world, people are accustomed to having essential and fundamental information about establishments and businesses instantly, at their fingertips. The church has the most important message for society, so being found on Google is a crucial aspect for today’s churches to consider in how they reach out to people.

Registering with Google My Business will increase your SEO on Google, complementing your website perfectly by providing your church with a public identity and presence on the world's leading internet search platform. The information that you provide on Google My Business can appear across the various Google platforms, such as Google Search, Google Maps and Google+, helping your church to connect to a much wider audience via the internet.

To get started on Google My Business you can follow our simple tip: Getting Started on Google My Business.

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