St Mary’s Church, part of the Benefice of Cray Valley has been a place of worship for the past 750 years and whilst the church is steeped in history, they are looking to continue their ministry into the next 750 years. One aspect of doing that is to make sure that in an increasingly technology-driven world, their church has a strong web presence; they are also undertaking a restoration project within the church building itself and working on developing strong relationships within the community.

The team at St Mary’s Church approached Church Edit about a Premium Design service that would modernise their website and online presence, along with our Church Edit Pro package to allow for interactive features for it’s members.


When asked about why they chose to use Church Edit, Peter Moyle, who is managing the current restoration project at St Mary’s Church told us that: “The committee agreed that the flexibility and functionality of Church Edit would enable us to develop a website that would take us well into the future. It is a professional, flexible, easy-to-use, stylish resource that can be used for multiple purposes – publicity and visibility, providing heritage information, ecclesiastical and community purposes.”

Having a website provides a great online platform to not only share the Gospel with those who are not Christian but also to unite church members, allowing the church to continue their fellowship together throughout the week.

Alongside Church Edit’s member features, St Mary’s Church have been using their website to highlight some of the historical elements that are being restored during the restoration project, as this is of current interest to their congregation and helps to keep the church and community involved throughout the process.

As Church Edit provides you with the ability to easily update your own website, providing up-to-date information is a good way to keep up the action and interest on your website - turning your website into a hive of activity, and bringing about a sense of participation for those who are not directly involved in a particular project.

When we spoke with Sallyanne about the design service she received from us, she remarked told us:

“There is a clear understanding from Church Edit of what churches want from a website and our leadership are very pleased with what the Church Edit design team have created - feedback has been very positive, saying that our website is stunning and stylish.

The design process itself was executed with a high level of professionalism and the level of support has proven very effective - there are lots of training guides which are simple and easy to use but if you still need help you can call the team, who are in the UK and are able to guide you through the setup of your website. We appreciate the support and good quality of communication, and also the designer’s ability to capture and translate the church’s unique vision.”


If you are looking to refresh and update your church website, we provide a variety of options to suit your specifications: whether you have a local congregation and want to focus on community building, or if you are a large city church that needs to provide a lot of information for people as they pass from one place to another, Church Edit can meet your needs. We have 4 design options to suit all budgets from the free included templates, through to the Premium Design.

Please give our team a call on 0121 651 1120 or email us at to discuss your needs.