Why a church website IS different to all other websites

Everything, organisation or business, should have a website. Churches should have one as well, but for an even more essential reason than any other type of organisation:   

The church has the most important message that anyone can ever hear.

Is this the importance that you put on your churches website?

There are many reasons people may be looking at your website, but don't forget that one of them may be because they want to find out more about Christianity.  It is because of this that a church/Christian website is so very important. Someone, whether they are in your local community or on the other side of the world, can be discovering about Jesus online.

Make sure that you have information on the hope of the gospel on your website. You could link through to some websites such as:



Always include an invitation on your website for those who may want to try out the church. Let them know what to expect and how they are free to come on a Sunday, call the church for a chat or come to any of the events that are happening.

Your church website could really be the first step someone takes into your church.

Make the most of all these opportunities in sharing the good news.

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