Adding Twitter to your website

If you have a Twitter account, then you can add this to your website so your latest Tweets automatically appear on the site.

This is easy to do and the following guide will show you how.

Login to your Twitter account.

Under the Options or your Logo Icon button in the top right of the menu click on Settings:

screen shot of church edit twitter account - getting embed code

Your screen then changes view and you then choose Wigets from the menu on the left hand side:

screen shot of Church Edit Twitter selecting Widgets

If you do not have a widget yet then click on Create New.

Press Create New. Then Profile.

screen shot image for selecting new twitter widget profile

Then enter your Twitter Account URL as below:

screen shot of how to enter twitter url

Once you have entered your Twitter URL then press the little arrow.

You then have a choice as to which format you are looking to embed:

Screen shot of twitter options available of how you want to display your twitter

From the above select which display you want to use.  To show all your most recent tweets select Embedded Timeline.


You are then given the option to set the widget size for how you would like it displayed on your website - allowing you to set the height and width in pixels - choose Set Customization options.

screen shot to show selecting Choose Customise Options

Then set the height and width you can set these to your own requirements and then click update to get the embed code:

screen shot showing how to set the width and height of widget

Then as below choose Copy and you will be given the embed code to enter into your website.

Screen shot how to get embed code

Finally you are given the code which you can then copy into your website page source:

screen shot of embed code given