Mobile Search Results

Mobile Church WebsitesYou may have heard of the latest Google update and how it is affecting search results when someone searches from a mobile.

On April 21st 2015 Google updated their search algorithms so that someone searching on a mobile device would get results back that gave preference to websites that were mobile friendly.  This meant that someone searching from a mobile might see different search results than if they were searching on a desktop machine.

You might appear first in Google when searching from a laptop or PC, but if someone searches on a mobile device your church may appear further down the list if you do not have a mobile website. This potentially means your website and church could be missed by prospective visitors.

To ensure that your website is found when someone searches on a mobile device you must make sure that you either have a mobile version of the website, or that your website is responsive so that it resizes when displayed on a smaller screen.

The graphics on the right show a website (Crofton Baptist Church) and how it looks when viewing on the desktop machine. The second image shows how it looks on a smart phone, you will see it resizes and hides the menu.

The last image shows how a search result in Google from a smart phone then highlights the websites which are mobile friendly. 

Testing your site

Google have provided a handy tool for testing to see if your website is mobile friendly.

Turning on mobile

If you use Church Edit then you can turn on the mobile version of the website by going to SETTINGS > SITE OPTIONS.