Testimony Page

A website means that your church can now communicate with anyone around the world. Your mission field and potential reach is now much further than just your local community. 

At Church Edit we've heard many stories of how a church website has played a part in someones journey on the Christian Faith.  

One way in which your church could use the web for evangelising is to have a testimony section. If there are people in your church who have a testimony about how God has helped them or how the church has been there for them then why not ask if they would be willing to write a short testimony for your website?  

Having testimonies on the site can bring the website to life as they show that there are real people who go to the church whom may have had very real problems. 

It may be that someone reading a testimony on your website can identify with what that person has gone through and this can be a source of encouragement. It could even play a part in someones journey on the Christian faith - this is the power and potential of the internet to today's church.  

Lady PrayingIt may be that someone in Australia has been diagnosed with an illness and they do a search online and somehow arrive on a UK church website where 'someone' has also experienced the same situation. Now they know they are not alone and the testimony that they read could impact them. 

So why not today think about whom you could ask to write their personal testimony for your church website. Do let us know if you do this already and have any stories/ feedback on this.

Don't forget that if you do use testimonies, the person writing them must be completely comfortable for them to appear on the website.