Promoting the interactive features of your church website

If you have a website which has many interactive features such as discussion forums, member logins as in the features contained in Church Edit Pro then you may be thinking about the best ways in which to promote the site to your church members.

This article gives some tips on how to raise the profile of your website to church members.

  • Encourage ownership of the different areas of the site - see the website tip on sharing responsibility for your website
  • create discussion forums for your site - forums are great for allowing registered members to share information with each other. Forums can be made only available to church members making it ideal for confidential information.
    Ideas for forums can be :
    • praise reports
    • prayer request
    • church news
    • discussion
    • and much more!
  • put rotas on the web - no longer will people have to phone the office or another church member to find out what they are doing on Sunday! If you put rotas on the website then the information will be there in one format so members can login and see what they are doing each week. The rotas can be set to be just viewable for logged in members so that it keeps confidentiality
  • member only pages - information that you may not want the general public to see could be placed in the members section meaning only authorised members see the content
  • audio - put the sermons online as MP3 files to allow your services to be listened to by all members. Because this is so easy and quick to do it means that your sunday service could be on the web by Sunday afternoon allowing the Sunday school worker who was out during the service could listen to the sermon on the same day (or on a portable music player on the way to work on the Monday!)
  • groups - groups can be created for each of the physical groups in your church such as a group for church leaders or musicians. Each group having its own membership list ensuring only the authorised people see its content. As each group has its own private discussion forum is means that members can discuss confidentially to each other within the group
  • communication - with Church Edit Plus each member has their own private inbox on the website which makes it very easy to communicate with each other. For example a musician can quickly message all members of the musicians group if there is a change to the rota/service.
  • reduce the number of printed items you produce - instead of printing, put notices, bible study notes, sermon notes, cell group leader notes on the site and point people to your website. This will save time, paper and printing costs to the church

With all these excellent features, you should make sure that the website is promoted as much as possible with the church :

  • promote it during the sunday notices
  • inform members after a sunday preach that the sermon notes/ audio will be on the web
  • include the web address on every advertisment / email / leaflet that your church produces

By following these tips and by using Church Edit Pro, your church can have an effective, professional and interactive website.