Church Leadership

A good web page to have is a page with information on the key people in your church. This can be the minister, elders, deacons, PCC and church leadership. 

NOTE: make sure that you have permission from each person before putting any details online.

Having a photo of each person can help bring the website to life and allow visitors to recognise people when they visit the church.  It also means that someone who may be phoning the minister for the first time, can now know what they look like. If someone in your local community is going through a life issue and contacts the church via the website, then they can then put a face to the email or voice. 

The potential of a website means that this could be the first point of contact for your church.

General information
As well as having basic information about each person, why not ask them if they are comfortable with writing a short paragraph on themselves. This doesn’t just have to just be ‘churchy’ information but could include their background, family or hobbies.

Contact details
If appropriate and if you have permission then the web page could include the contact details of that person. Only do this if it is relevant - it may be good to have the ministers phone number but not necessarily the Sunday School leaders.

See below an example of a leadership page (without biographies)