Pages your church website could contain

If you want some ideas for pages to have on your church website then here are some tips:

Homepage - sounds obvious but every site should have a homepage. Here are some ideas for your homepage.

Events calendar – highlight what is happening each week. (Church Edit has a great looking calendar for displaying your events).

Sunday Service - 

  • what happens on a Sunday?
  • are there facilities for children? 
  • if you serve refreshments after the service then include this.

Weekly Activities - create a page for each of your weekly activities and groups where you can explain the event in more information:

  • what should people expect.
  • who organises it.
  • invite people to the event.



  • who should people contact for more information.
  • what is the address of the church/ Sunday venue
  • why not include a contact form for people to get in touch.

Where is the Sunday service held?

Gospel Message – not everyone visiting your site is going to be a Christian so it is useful to include a page explaining the Christian faith. There are some great resources which you could link to such as or

Sermons – why not add the audio recording or sermon notes from each Sunday? For advice on recording your sermons for the web visit our guides [Part 1 | Part 2]

Names and a photo of the church leaders

  • could include some 'real life' information such as family/ hobbies.
  • contact details if appropriate.

Photos of church events - see some guidelines for putting photos onlines on church websites .

Testimonies of people in your church

  • how the church has helped them.
  • what God has done for them.

Links – link to other websites and your church affiliations

Forms - a great way to allow people to contact you through contact us pages. They can also be used for feedback and registering for events. more on church website forms.

Outreach courses – if your church is running an evangelistic course such as Alpha then make sure it is promoted on your website. It may be someone is looking to find out about Christianity!

Welcome page - this page is for first time visitors and will allow you to introduce the church to them and invite them to a Sunday service.

Church rotas 

  • use your website as a central place to store the rotas for the different teams (Church Edit has a great rota management feature)