Images and church websites

A good website should also have a suitable number of images - and we are not talking about those animated Christian gifs that were so popular in the early 2000's!   Aside from the overall design of the site, having at least one image per page that represents your page is a good tip. 

If you have a coffee morning event then on your coffee morning page have a photo of people having a coffee. This could be a stock image or could be taken from your coffee morning itself (if you have permission).  

Good quality photos can be taken by people within your church, or you could alternatively use a photo from an online library. Make sure if you do this that you have permission to use the photo on your website.  Going to Google and taking an image from its search results does not mean that you would be allowed to use it on your website. You would have to go to the website that the photo comes from to check its terms but more often than not, it is likely that the photo  cannot be used. 

There are plenty of places you can get photos and images that you can use on your website. Some you may have to pay a small price but then you are usually able to use the images on your website, newsletter, magazine or any other literature associated with your church. 

Sources of images Up to £6.67 each £20 for 18 images from FREE FREE

If you are using your own photos for the church website then you may find out guide on compressing images useful.  We've also produced a guideline on using photos on church websites.

Video on the use of Images on Church Websites