Adding an SSL Certificate

With the recent update to Google Chrome and a lot of the other browsers, there are increased warnings to website users that access websites over unencrypted connections.  Many browsers have started displaying messages for websites that do not have an SSL Certificate about it not being secure. This is part of the aim by Google and many of the web browers to transform the Internet so that every web page is connected securely.

We have spent a long time upgrading our Church Edit servers and this will now allow for each church website to have it’s own SSL Certificate so that all connections to your website and to Global Office are made over secure encrypted connections (https rather than http).  

Once your SSL Certificate has been installed on your Church Edit website, visitors to your site will view your website over an encrypted connection using https. Depending on the browser that your website visitor uses, they may also see a 'Secure' message next to the web address as shown in the image above.  This will be for every page on your Church Edit powered website.

To order your certificate, login to Global Office and follow the instructions on the front page. Once ordered, it will take around 4 days before your certificate is installed. Please note that only the main user for the account can order the Certificate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to add an SSL Certificate to my website?
Really simple - just login to Global Office and click on the button on the main page. You need to confirm that you have permission to order the SSL Certificate for your church. Once requested, it will be around 4 days before the Certificate is installed on your website.

Do I need to have an SSL Certificate?
A website will still function without an SSL Certificate. However, your site visitors will see warnings that your site is not secure and these warnings will likely only increase as time goes on and the majority of websites use SSL. 

My website doesn't have forms - do I still need an SSL Certificate?
If you do not have an SSL Certificate then visitors will still see messages displayed by web browsers that your site is not secure.  Even if you do not collect information on your website through forms or member logins, an SSL Certificate will ensure that connections to updating the website are all secure. 

I've seen SSL Certificates for cheaper - how come?
There are various prices that we've seen as well. However a closer inspection will often reveal that they have special first year offers. One example we've seen is an SSL Certificate for £3.99 for the first year, followed by £54.99 subsequent years.  On the other hand what we are planning to do is reduce the prices for subsequent years.

Can I add my own SSL Certificate?
No. The SSL Certificates has to be installed on our servers. 

Why are you planning on having lower prices for future years?
It has taken a long time to prepare our servers, adjust Church Edit to allow for SSL, and to prepare the technology for managing the SSL Certificates.  That is why there is a cost of £35 for the installation and first year of the SSL Certificate. Subsequent years we are not expecting the same level of admin for maintaining the certificates which is why we are looking to get this price a lot lower for future years.