Live Streaming using Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a feature, introduced by Facebook, that allows you to livestream an event directly on your Facebook timeline.  When you stream using Facebook Live, people who follow you will be notified and can watch, and interact with, the event live.  You can also post the video to your timeline to allow others, who couldn’t watch live, to see the video.

You are able to use Facebook Live from your desktop, or laptop, using a webcam, or if you use third party streaming software, this can be connected to Facebook Live.  You can also use it from your mobile device, using its built in camera.

This guide will show you how to start using Facebook Live on your Facebook profile or page.

Before you are able to use Facebook Live, you will need to have a personal Facebook profile or be an admin of a Facebook Page and be logged in to your account.


Once you are logged in to your Page or profile, click the ‘Live’ button above the ‘Write a post…’ box.

You will be taken to the ‘live broadcast’ page and automatically connected to your web cam, if you have one.  

In the options on the left hand side, you can choose where you would like your broadcast to be shown, add some additional information, a title and tags.  To start broadcasting, click the ‘Go Live’ button.  When you’ve finished recording, click the red ‘Finish’ button and a recording will be, automatically, added to your timeline.

If you are using third party streaming software and would like to connect it to Facebook Live, simply scroll down to find the settings and details to connect to your preferred software.

You will need to copy the ‘Server URL’ and ‘Stream Key’ into your streaming software, to link it to Facebook Live.  You can then add any extra information, a Title and tags and click the ‘Go Live’ button, to start the broadcast.

You also have the option to schedule your Facebook Live broadcast, by clicking the ‘Schedule’ button.  This allows you to add an announcement to your timeline, letting your followers know when you will be broadcasting.


There is also an option to embed the feed into your website, so people can view the broadcast from your site, rather than having to log in to Facebook.  

You'll need to make sure that your live stream is set to be 'Public', in the sidebar on the left, or the embed option won't be available.

You will then need to click the arrow next to 'Stream' in the Settings tab. Ensure that 'Embed Live Video' is toggled on, click the 'Get embed code' button and then copy the embed code and copy it into your web editor.


To use Facebook Live on your mobile device, you will need to download the Facebook app, or the Facebook Pages Manager app.

Tap the ‘Post’ or 'Publish' button, to start a new post...

... and click ‘Live Video’.

You are then able to add a description, if you want to, and tag your location, also optional.  You’ll then need to tap the ‘Live Video’ option and tap the ‘Start Live Video’ button.

When you have finished broadcasting, tap the ‘Finish’ button.

You can then decide whether to ‘Discard’ or ‘Keep’ the video.  If you ‘Keep’ the video, it will be posted to your timeline.