Design Options

Free Designs and Templates - Free

There are a small selection of templates included in Church Edit which are free for your church to use. These are all mobile friendly and come in 5 different colour schemes.  Below are the 4 design packages available that we offer. 

Banner Design

Customised Templates

Custom Design

Premium Design

A customised banner is designed for the top of your website which includes your images, text and colour schemes.

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Our customised templates will take one of our structured templates, which our designer will then personalise with your existing images, colour scheme and any branding you have.

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We will create a completely unique and professional design for your website based on your brief.  This includes the overall website look, mobile design and homepage layout.

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We dedicate even more time to design and technical implementation, so that your website is set up just how you want it.  
We include a unique responsive desktop design and a mobile design.  We will design and set up a dozen content pages for you. 

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Compare design services

Design Features Banner Design Customised templates Custom Design Premium Design
Price (inc VAT) £75 £375 £750 £1500
Dedicated mobile design   pre-designed layout options
Unique designed homepage layout   pre-designed layout options
Homepage content entered   
Other page content entered & layouts designed     *multi-church 12 pages of content added & designed
Additional design & implementation time allocated      
Your existing branding applied across the website just to header of website
Customised header banner for desktop & mobile 
Author’s amends 1 set of amends 1 set of amends 2 sets of amends 4 sets of amends
Sourcing images that reflect your branding or key messages client responsible to provide imagery client responsible to provide imagery up to 3 stock images can be suggested by designer up to 6 stock images can be suggested by designer

*If you are considering a multi-church website (whether as a Parish, Benefice or other arrangement), please contact our team for a bespoke price.