Technical Support

Church Edit has been developed to be extremely easy to use and feedback from many hundreds of people have proven that our software is the easiest way to create a church website.

Tool tips throughout the website

Built into the admin area are many tool tips that give a bit more information on different aspects of Church Edit when you hover over the question mark:

Tool Tip help for the website


Online help

There is a detailed online help section in Global Office that provides tutorials on how to setup and manage the different parts of the website.

Phone and Email support

If you still need help then you can contact us through the support area of Global Office or you can phone and speak to one of our friendly support staff. We have always offered free support and will continue to provide this service to our customers. We know the Church Edit system inside out and so a quick call to us can often provide an answer to your question within a few minutes.

Our phone support is between 8.30 - 5 Monday to Friday and is a normal area number: 0121 651 11 20.