Does your church have a library or a book/tape store?

The catalogue feature is a great way to show library and bookstore items. Use it to add UNLIMITED items and even upload an image for each one.

If your church has a book store then why not store the details in your Church Edit site. Create categories to store the different genres and topics (ie Apologetics, Christian Faith) and then enter the details of each book into that category.

Members and visitors to the site can browse through the catalogue for information on the different items.

Church Edit Pro sites can also allow members to write reviews on the different items.

A poll for every item

This optional feature allows members to rate each catalogue item on a scale of 1 - 5 depending on what they think of that particular item. The average rating will be displayed next to the catalogue item.

Options for the Catalogue include :

  • weblink for items
  • poll for each item
  • printable version
  • email to friend link
  • members can add reviews (Church Edit Pro only)
  • categories can be available to members only or everyone (Church Edit Pro only)