Church Email

Google have removed this option for Gmail accounts but they do provide Google Hosted Mail, click here to see details of how you can set this up.


There are different email providers that will allow you to use your church web address as part of the email (ie

One of these is Google and this guide will give you some tips on how to setup a GMAIL account and then send church emails from this account. Gmail also allows POP (so the email can be used by Outlook/Outlook Express) and has advanced features such as IMAP.

First of all you will need to setup a new Gmail account (if you do not already have one).

Setting up a GMAIL account

To do this go to

Click on Create an Account

Create an account

Enter your details and create an email address for this account

Once created you will see an option to continue to GMAIL.

Now this has been created you should login to your email provider (with Church Edit this is your Global Office account) and then go to EMAIL and add FORWARDING ADDRESS.  Create the new address and chose the new GMAIL account as your destination address.

Once this has been done go back to your GMAIL ACCOUNT.

Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon at the top right:

Click on Accounts and Imports. There is an option for SEND MAIL AS.  Click on Add another email address you own.

A popup will appear where you can enter the email address for your church. Enter the church email address you created for your domain (ie

Leave TREAT AS AN ALIAS ticked.

Click on NEXT STEP and on the following screen click SEND VERIFICATION.

An email will then be sent which contains a verification code which you can copy and paste into the verification box.  Once the code is entered, click VERIFY and the pop up will close.

Next go to GMAIL and go to MORE SETTINGS, ACCOUNTS AND IMPORTS and next to the SEND MAIL there will be an option to MAKE DEFAULT the email address associated with your church.

Once this has been done it will mean every time you send from the GMAIL account it will send using the church email address. 

If you want to use this email account in your email program (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc) then go to GMAIL and under SETTINGS there is an option for FORWARDING and POP/IMAP. This gives settings so that your email account can be used through your computer email software.