Is your church website take too long to load?


Quick to loadIf your website pages are taking too long to load up to the screen then you may need to review the images you are using.

A common factor that causes websites to slow down when loading is related to the  images on your website.  High resolution images that are a large file size take longer to load on slow internet connections or on mobile devices with a poor internet signal.  Image file size should ideally be below 100kb.

To help resolve this problem there are various on-line tools to help you compress your image to a smaller file size. You can also see our guide on compressing images with Canva.

Ideally, your images should be formatted to jpeg or PNG format.

To check the speed of your website in desktop and mobile versions visit and enter your website address, it will analyse your site and provide a detailed report, letting you know what needs to be fixed to improve your website speed.